10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for DBS-Hub Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

The DBS-HUB Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is starting in a few weeks, and I wanted to share some of the highlights and why you should take part in it!

I love bootcamps, retreats, and masterminds because it provides a space for a diversity of people from different backgrounds to come together and make magic, yes… Magic.

The intensity, exhilaration, and how ideas, passions and dedications evolve from concept to prototype is incredible. Here are 10 of the powerful reasons why you should sign up for this bootcamp.

1.Power of being open to learning: Be ready to learn, evolve your ideas and leave some behind. Now this is one of the hardest things that participants have to do. Why? Because we love the worldview that we are always right and know everything.

Heck, who doesn’t right? But entrepreneurship is all about evolving.

Are you open to having a safe space to learn and be vulnerable with your ideas?

2.Power of space: Most people underestimate this, but we all need to give ourselves time and space, let go of all the distractions, all the award winning reasons and to leave Dramaville for magic to happen.

So during the bootcamp, you have 56 hours focused entirely on you and your potential to dream big. Entrepreneurship and running a startup business is damn hard.

We are all destined to greatness, but the ones who enjoy it are the ones who are willing to create the space for it. Are you going to try to solve a problem for a customer even though there may be a competitive landscape?

Are you willing to create the space for your ideas and see if entrepreneurship is something really for you?

3.Power of collaboration: Maybe you have heard this, “If you want to go far go alone. If you want to create a movement go with others.”

The power of collaboration is huge and that’s why organizations focus so much on teamwork, because they know one person has one idea, but 2,3,4, etc will be able to have more. Just imagine a team of people with different thinking mentalities and backgrounds from engineering, design, development, marketing, and finance.

The most important aspect of a startup (and any organization for that matter) is team. Without a fabulous leader and a team united around a shared vision, it is impossible to get a company off the ground successfully.

So for a weekend, you have the chance to tap into the knowledge of 4-6 other people, not to mention the mentors, the guest speakers and even the judges.

Are you open to taking advantage of collaboration to pivot your ideas to the next level? Are you also looking to learn about how to divide work + conquer?

4.Power of marketing: Every team has some amazing ideas, but the key differentiators in business is how you market it.

Are you able to package in a way that is compelling? We all have problems that need solving, and the ones who are concise, clearly communicate their ideas’ relevance, customer pain points and best way to reach customers are the ones who will rock.

Take the time and think of you audience. Both the teams I mentored were in the top three, and they were there because they focused on clearly communicating the need, and understanding the judges’ backgrounds.

When you communicate an idea, it’s about learning to look at the big picture and how this power engine of a business will be financially successful?

Do you want to learn how to effectively package your products? Do you want to learn to have a safe space to practice and communicate your idea in front of investors?

5.Power of initiative: Start before you’re ready is one of my personal mantras, because perfection is overrated and everything is a work in progress.

Many startups fail because they don’t even get started – they are afraid of the competition. Sometimes the best markets are the competitive ones, which is missing an angle that is currently not being served.

One of my favorite quotes is from my friend’s father. He said, “Every time you have a great idea, just remember that God has made 10 photocopies”.

Your idea is probably not revolutionary. Google it and there are probably others. That’s good because it helps validate the market. This is where a great team will figure out a competitive advantage. Think Facebook. It was not the first social networking site, but now Zuckerburg has surely revolutionized how it’s done.

The bootcamp is a great space for this, because it gives you the opportunity to start before you are ready, to think thoughts that you might not give yourself permission to, and have a safe space to think of all the “but if’s”.

Do you want some motivation to jump and work on that idea you have been thinking about for months and for years?

6.Power of dreaming big but scaling down: The important thing to realize is that Rome was not built in a day, but heck you have to have, as Jim Collins calls it, “a Big Hairy Audacious Goal.”

There was a fabulous speech by the Managing Director of Jana about the importance of dreaming big.

Are you excited about the idea of changing an industry, market or even taking over the world? It’s crucial to scale down the idea to the core of what it really is, and validate, validate and validate.

Are you dying to spend a weekend dreaming about big ideas and how to change the world? Are you curious to learn the best way to work backgrounds and simplify your solution to create your roadmap?

7.Power of focus: The biggest mistake that most new entrepreneurs and small businesses make is that they get obsessed with their idea they forget who they are really serving.

Your customer cannot be everyone. If you say it is, then you definitely need to attend the bootcamp. One of the fears around this that people are afraid to pick the wrong target group for fear of being incorrect.

But it’s crucial to focus on who your customer is and what their pain points are.

Are you curious about how to understand your customer better?

8.Power of Failure: 95% of people are afraid to fail, which is why they don’t start their business, or follow their dreams.

Entrepreneurs wear badges of honor for failing. And if you can’t do this, then it’s a taste that you can’t be an entrepreneur. The bootcamp is the space to learn how to start mini-experiments to test ideas before jumping in full-fledged.

Do you want to learn how to make safe calculative risks?

9.Power of community + network: The team over at the DBS-Hub Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is all about community. They have a ton of resources that can help you with your ideas. One of the speakers, the founder of Milaap, which recently raised over a $1million, spoke about the power of being able to build a network that you can bounce ideas off.

Also, the power of building a community who are the same page, going through the same internal fears, the same challenges is empowering.

Are you ready to take advantage of free advice?

10.Power or passion: This may sound awfully clichéd, but this is one the powers of coming to an environment like this. The teams who do really well are not the ones looking for a get rich quick scheme; they are the ones who are aware of the time investment they need and the work that needs to be invested to roll out a great idea.

You can also hear it in the final pitches when you hear a founder speak about the idea; you can see how it is showed in their eyes. For more information check out http://venturesforchange.com

Are you excited about being in an environment of passionate people?

If want to get over your fears about starting a business, join our 14 Day FREE Fear Challenge which is designed to help you embrace your fears, play bigger and change the world.

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