7 Benefits of Hanging out with Other Entrepreneurs

7 Benefits of Hanging out with Other EntrepreneursHave you ever felt really frustrated that you are not getting the results you wanted?

You know what I am talking about… when a launch doesn’t go as planned, or you invested in a software or program that did not do what is has promised? The never ending surprise including an unaccounted tax notice, or a service provider not delivering.

Entrepreneurship has so many surprises, there are ups and there are downs. And you will constantly be challenged to do thing you never expected that you could do.

My guess is that you have had a couple of breakdowns, questioned if you were the right person or if what you are doing actually will work. The problem is too many people are trying to be superheroes trying to do it all on their own. But to be honest to succeed you cant do this alone.

You know how they say it takes a village to raise a child, well it also takes a village to build a successful empire.

Today I want to share with you 7 Benefits of Hanging Out with Other Entrepreneurs

I know for me if not from some of these ladies here I would have given up at times. So I reached out to some of my empire builder friends to share the impact of making more entrepreneurial friends has had on their journey.

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4Entrepreneurs truly get what you are going through

The biggest reason entrepreneurs need to hang around other entrepreneurs is because only another business owner truly understands the entrepreneurial experience.

Most of my close friends now are entrepreneurs simply because my other friends didn’t “get it.” I grew tired of hanging around people who I felt I couldn’t share a lot of what I was going through with.

Once you have people around you who are on a similar path, and you can support each other, other benefits like collaborations or press connections will naturally follow. You all raise each other up.

Natalie MacNeil, Chieftess, She Takes on the World Inc. http://shetakesontheworld.com/


1You learn success habits

When I first joined a high level mastermind (with Yasmine!) in 2014 it terrified me how successful some of the women were. At first, I felt way in over my head.

But here’s the funny thing that happens when you hang out with successful entrepreneurs — you start thinking that success (outrageous success) is normal. You start acting like it’s normal.

Before I knew it, my mastermind ladies’ success habits + attitudes had seeped so deeply into my brain that I doubled my business in 2014.

And yes, I give them a lot of the credit. I cannot believe the things that I’m doing now that seem so normal to me. My one year ago self would have thought it was crazy!

Courtney Johnston, Chief Rebel + Copywriter  www.rulebreakersclub.com



Emmy WuBuilding a business can be scary.

All the hours you spend alone crouched behind a laptop either ruminating in your own thoughts or coming up with “the next big thing” with little to no input from the outside world.

Constantly thinking, what I can improve? Did I sent that email?? or HOW am I going to make this timeline work??” What STILL needs to built .. let’s face it, the to-do list never stops growing.

But when I realized there were others (many others!) who are going through the same struggles it felt not only relieving but almost magical. Suddenly your battles are not yours alone but shared and endured by others.

When you surround yourself with those who believe in your gifts, the magic of collaboration, spirit and community breathes life into everything you do.

Emmy Wu, Chief Storyteller & Editor  www.emmywu.com


Kelly Azevedo


Feels like lightening is running through my veins

“Whenever I spend time with entrepreneurs it feels like lightening is running through my veins.

Someone shares about their marketing ideas and that sparks inspiration for a webinar, another friend is describing their launch process and we all share about affiliates… it’s like taking all the ideas that you might come across in a month and cramming them into a small time and space.

The truly magical part is that collaborations form, friendships deepen and I always walk away feeling a little less alone in the world.”

Kelly Azevedo, Systems Strategist www.shesgotsystems.com

7 BENEFITS OF HANGING OUT WITH ENTREPRENEURS85% of the time I move to the next level in my business it is because I go old school and get offline to meet other business owners.

Okay.  I confess – 85% is my ballpark estimate, but the impact feels at least that high!

Business owners think differently and see the world in a different way.  We talk a different language. When you can come together with other business owners who get it, you won’t feel like such an odd ball anymore!

The added benefit is that by hanging out with other business owners who understand where you come from, but offer a different perspective because they have taken a different path, is that you’ll reap the benefits of their expertise.  By sharing your lessons learned and by hearing the lessons learned of others, you’ll accelerate your success and theirs.  Win-win.

Even though it sometimes feels like it, we aren’t in this alone!

Amber McCue, Business Operations Expert, NiceOps


3The biggest benefit of hanging out with other entrepreneurs is that they know EXACTLY what you’re going through.

I have amazing friends, but even if they work in marketing there’s a chasm between what I’m experiencing building a business and their reality in a corporate job.

Having a strong, reliable network of entrepreneur friends I can rely on has truly made what I do so much more enjoyable and has ultimately helped me boost my bottom line in huge ways.

My business friends are the ones that green or red light ideas, give me a reality check when I’m losing my mind and most of all they call my shit. Without that support, I’m confident I’d probably be in my own way and my growth would be much much slower.

Maggie Patterson,  www.maggiepatterson.com

Heather PaulsonREST! Resting, restoring, and reconnecting is an under appreciated art in the empire building world.

If you are burnt out, exhausted, or tired but wired you can’t be in your creative zone of genius, and you also will have a hard time making clear headed decisions.

One thing that I love about hanging out with other entrepreneurs is the buzz we get that’s pushes us forward in our work.

When we hangout with other entrepreneurs the creative juices start flowing, talking about numbers becomes a fun game, and pushing each other to reach beyond our self limitations is phenomenal. Just make sure you are balancing this buzz with rest!

Pick a couple of biz owner friends to be accountable to for self care. Or have a significant other or non-business friend help you stay on track with taking care of yourself.

As an entrepreneur YOU are your greatest asset! Never forget that without a healthy you at the helm, nothing else can be built in your empire. Maybe today, if you feel like it, you can take me p on this piece of advice as a “doctors note” to take a nap, take a break from talking business, book a vacation, or just say “hello” to your loved ones.

Dr Heather Paulson,  www.drheatherpaulson.com

My Question to You

Have you built your possy for success? Where did you find them?

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  1. Love these ladies so much!!!! AMAZING article, Yasmine. Happy to be a part of such an inspiring group and call these ladies my friends and colleagues 🙂

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