7 Steps to Sell Out Your Service Based Offer

YKI - 7 Steps to Sell Out Your ServiceHave you been wondering how to go from a new service idea to selling out your offers?

Are you frustrated because you know you are smart and able to help your prospects

but when you put on offer out there .. there are crickets and no one buys it?

You start to wonder whether something is wrong with you?

Are you looking to build a signature offer that you can sell out month after month?

Let’s dive in and discover the 7 stages of selling out your offer?

Selling out an offer is a process. It takes time and most importantly it takes commitment where we hone into one skill set as well as your promotional campaigns.

Your philosophy should be that this is a “work in process” where you will tweak your offer, the lead generation tools, the sales sequence, the delivery of how you help a client solve this problem and how to always make it world class.

So here is a framework of what to do when launching a new service into the world.

  1. Identify Your Strengths, Interests and Story:

One of the easiest ways to start a new service offering actually starts inwards, what are your strengths and interests? What do you spend most of your time doing? What do your friends and what does your colleagues give you compliments for?

The reason why this is important if you have experience in something it will help you have a bit of confidence to get started.

Also if you are looking to make money right now and don’t have the experience yet and it will require 3 to 6 months learning something new.  You need to evaluate if you can afford that so therefore you might want to have a bridge offer.

But if you still want to pursue a new area, to gain experience while you are learning you might want to offer a low paid offer or even do it for free.

Understanding your strength is fundamental, because often people trying to mimic other people’s successful offer without any knowledge or background on how to implement that offer.

For example the sudden rise of business coaches who have no idea about building a sustainable business or the systems behind it. Or people who are horrible at a skillset who are trying to sell it to the market.

  1. Problem your prospects want to have solved

Now once you know what you are good at, it’s crucial to realize that it’s not all about you. It’s about your prospective clients that you want to serve.

A common challenge that I see happen constantly with a new service offer that does not work is because the entrepreneur is so caught up with their passion and their purpose they forget how that needs to be communicated in a more effective ways to their prospective customers.

So once you know your own experience, it’s crucial to validate and test your offer idea, by talking to your ideal prospects, interview them, listen to their burning desires, their pain?

During this phase, it’s really trying to discover the messaging and the key benefits of your offer.

  1. Package Your Signature System

Now once you have done that, you need to package your signature system.

One of the easiest ways to build trust and authority is to package your solution and let your customers know the framework on how you will help them get there.

Now this is something that will be tweaked dozens of times until you get it right. While you are packaging your signature offering, it’s crucial to make sure that you are focusing always on letting your prospects know the benefits of your offers.

And not focus on the features which may include 3 sessions, or 4 workbooks, etc

The focus is to build trust with your prospects that you know how to solve their problem.

  1. Attract Your Ideal Clients

Now once you have a solution out there, in order to Sell Out Your Service.

Are you in front of your ideal audience? Are you developing promotional campaigns to reach out to your audience? Are you clear about your numbers?

YKI - Trust Based Marketing and Sales OptionsThere are tons of ways to attract your leads but a lot of times people are doing things, but they are never asking their leads to take the next step.

For a new offering, the easiest way is to first leverage your network, your audience, your community what it is you are doing and for who and then invite them to take the next steps.

  1. Convert through Sales Conversation

For new offerings the easiest way to sell is through sales conversations. Because as you already know your numbers through the Profit Calculator you know you need to be in front of less people in order to close the sales.

Therefore it’s crucial to master selling, now if you don’t know how to sell, you should check out my new program called Sell Out Service which walks you step by step how to have a sales conversation.

The reason why 1-1 sales conversation is so powerful is because you are able to document what are the key challenges, you get to understand what part of the pitch does your clients relate to more.

Now the benefits of working with clients 1-1 at the very beginning is that you get to test your solution even more. You become more clear on what’s involved to make this solution work better for you.

  1. Leverage Your Sales

Now once you have tested and perfected the offer, your current clients are raving about you and what it is you can. You can start to leverage your sales in order to sell out your services.

That means you might be doing more speaking offline or online through webinars, you might be teaching your topic in someone’s program in order to build authority.

And over time you start to raise your rates, maybe even package your solution in a group program.

  1. Evolve to Your Zone of Awesomeness

As you evolve and you serve more and more clients, you start to master the solution that you are helping them solve.

Therefore you can go on to create multiple levels of programs, books, new services that helps better serve that you are client.

So my Question to You:
What is one key action you will take to sell out your service?

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