Acknowledging the people who matter; Goodbye Singapore

There are so many amazing people, and while packing for my big move to Madrid, I decided to continue being an old-fashioned girl and write letters to the people who made my experience in Singapore so fabulous.

During one of the boot camp dinners, one of my friends was sharing that looking back at her decisions in life; she could have been on a completely different path and been happy. Although even with her current path she still is really happy. The lesson was really about whatever decision you make, you can still be happy.

When I first arrived to Singapore I was at the lowest point of my life; from trying to come to terms with my father’s death to seeing my aunt suffer because what was happening to my uncle. My confidence was shattered; my balance was far from where I wanted to be. Now two and half years later, I am at an ultimate high. Writing those letters was just a reminder how lucky I was.

In this super fast paced lifestyle that most of live, it’s hard to find the time to slow down and acknowledge the people who matter and how they have contributed. But for all those who have shaped me and my experience, thank you.

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