Another Day

So looking at my blog, I realized I haven’t written anything personal in a while! Well been going crazy, alot more school work! I dont know how I didnt open my books last semester!!

Well I have been going through alot lately, firstly alot of questions keep coming up! Also i realized how painful words are… For the past month, alot has been going on with the Danish caricatures, and also more negative attention to the Muslims especially those in the arab world…

A couple of weeks back I went to a movie called “Yasmin”, funny same name, nothing like me though, well i lied, i can relate to her! Also heard about a comment someone made which although not directed to me, was directed to my religion and both the movie and the comment, led to a very emotional week!

Where i realized no matter how hard I try to make small things change, it wont always be the way i see it! and its alright i still have hope! There I light in this world!

And a quote I used in this job interview was by Robert Kennedy its quite powerful and its “Few will have the greatness to bend history; but each of us can work to change a small portion of the events, and in the total of all these acts will be written the history of this generation.” I definitely want to thank Miano, for helping me with the speech!

So what else i new! it hit me yesterday that im half way done the semester, hence im more than half way with my stay here!! time flew by! i cant its been over six months, i have changed so much, i have definitely haven’t become the person i want yet! but what is awesome, is I have been able to chatter on as usually and now three of my friends who have not ever left Canada will have their adventures soon!!

Siobhan, is officially matched and off to India at the end of April!! I am so excited! She is going for five months, finding that out made me so excited cause she is an awesome girl and I know AIESEC will give her a life changing experience

Jackie and Michelle- are still waiting replies, Jackie is waiting for also an AIESEC exchange in India, and Michelle an academic exchange in Thailand! i hope they get their answers soon!!

Well I’m in hell for the next week or so! so Ill update more frequently with pictures of my new hair cut! I have to say it was funny, getting everyone’s reaction with my hair straight! well Later!!

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