Best 15 Posts of 2013!

Hi Empire Builder!

What a wonderful year it’s been!

This year has been the beginning of my blogging journey and here are the top posts I’ve written over the last six months…

Lots of love, inspiration, motivation, business and transition tips…

1. I am a Women


2. 71 Perspectives on Why Fear is Awesome!


3. 6 Business Lessons From Losing My Father!


4. My 5 Ingredients to Make Your Own Happiness Drug!


5. My New Mantra: I’m actually not that busy

I am not that busy

6. 5 Things To Consider Before Starting Your Own Business


7. Personal Growth: Turn Your Self-Talk Into Opportunities for Growth and Success

selene chin

8. Business Stress: 6 Things You Can Do When You Feel Stressed or Down


9. How Will You Make the World Awesome?

bigpreview_Steps to be awesome

10. Increase Your Rates with These 3 Tips

stressed-woman-cartoon-e1377524644952 copia

11. Business Growth: 5 Reasons Why Your Business is Not Growing

Business Growth.

12. Banish Unproductive Work Habits and Get to Work B*tch


13. Unexpectedly Simple Success Secret


14. Self-Confidence Myth: The Key Ingredient to Launching and Building Your Business or Career

images232312 copia

15. 25 Business Lessons and Life Lessons from AIESEC

Sugar cubes.

And of course the digital resource library that I built for you

Digital Cheat Sheet Tool.


Online Tool Library.

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