Oh my gosh Im legal everywhere. Yesterday I turned 21. I am not quite sure when those years came and went by, I know I’m not that old and I shouldn’t be sounding like I am but one thing I know for sure I couldn’t have celebrated any better way.

It started off with waking up for two consecutive days to lovely messages that brightened up my day, to getting phone calls and emails. I feel loved, its such a good feeling. I did however have two reports due today which meant I should have been working on my papers.

Instead I went to give a volunteer talk to some future exchange students who will be off on their adventure. And when I came home I was bombarded by two favorite girls Francesca and Amrita. Amrita dazzled us with an amazing lunch, and everyone got me wine. We were able to drink a bottle each and somehow made our way to the courtyard, jammed up the speakers and started to dance to boyband songs and had nysnc songs here we go playing none stop.

Everyone else around the townhouses were studying and doing papers for finals. They thought we were mad, by seven I was exhausted and we were still going out to commercial drive for dinner and drinks.

When we got home, we had reeses ice cream and headed to Elisa for karoke and dance floor revolution! It cant have ended it any other way!

Thanks for the people who came out and thanks for all my phone calls, text messages and emails!
I love being spoilt! And yesterday I was spoilt with so much love!


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