Blast from the past

When Sifaan asked me to write in his memory book, it brought me back to a place that I had forgotten. To a person I vaguely remembered and although it seemed like I had just seen Sifaan last week. It had been 6 years since that summer in Estonia for the first World on Wheels Project. This post is dedicated to these weirdos who challenged me, accepted me and contributed to my growth.

Estonia is my most symbolic adventure:
– it was the first time I was away from home for more than two weeks
– it was the place where I learned to get out of my shell
– to public speak
– to learn to perform hajanla (one of the traditional Balinese dances)
– to learn to share one bathroom with 13 people
– to fall in love with training
– to belly dance in front of hundreds of people
– to visit a country I had never heard about
– to realize that not all bathrooms have sinks
– to have my first feedback session
– to run in the fields like Heidi
– to learn how manage living without visible meat
– to eat karamaha bread
– to question myself, my outlook and my decision
– to learn about goal setting
– to discover kohuke
– to discover how much I loved picking berries especially wild strawberries
– to realize in some parts of the world if you don’t eat pork you are almost considered vegetarian
– to wander the medieval streets of Tallinn
– to learn how to make berries pie
– to visit 30 towns throughout the country (more than what I have seen in my own country)
– to realize you shouldn’t judge people until you get to know their story
– to use a dry toilet
– to milk a cow
– to learn garlic does not grow on trees 😛
– to realize that the world was bigger and more dynamic than what I understood it to be
– to wake up to 13 people from 3 continents every day
– to ball my eyes out when leaving not only dear friends but my weirdos family 🙂


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