Boot camp: Achieving goals with great camaraderie

Goals are easier to achieve if you have a strong support system; To start the year with a bang, Mai, Isabel and I decided we wanted to start our own boot camp.

A week of intense daily dawn workouts, healthy home cooked dinners, continuously pushing ourselves at i-run and afternoons at East Coast park. Singapore facilities the process of a healthy lifestyle and the greenery everywhere is so lovely.

A great way to achieve a goal

  • Sharing your goal with people
  • Find others who have something similar/groups who are already doing it
  • Doing it with friends allows you to bond, share a common experience, pushes you harder and allows your to verbalize your achievements.
  • The theme for this year is “Magical” and the week was amazing because we bonded over the previous year and got to share what we wanted to experiment and achieve this year. I feel anything is possible and hope that your year this year will be as magical as mine.

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