“Yasmine experienced how AIESEC empowers youth a few years ago while attending a conference in Ghana, where she met 210 individuals from over 23 countries that all shared a similar passion: a desire to change the world.

Yasmine had always thought that was crazy, but before long she joined in, determined to also make a difference. She didn’t need to look too far, as right in front of her eyes were the after effects of September 11th and the conflicts between the West and Middle Eastern world.

Yasmine got involved in the Salaam program, which challenged her mindsets and stereotypes of the conflict that existed by building relationships with Americans. As a growing personal interest Yasmine was happy to take the program even further, and had the opportunity to work on the program at a national level in Egypt.

This role also gave Yasmine the opportunity to facilitate at the first AIESEC Middle East and North African conference. Continuing to play a part in Bridging the Gap between the two regions, Yasmine was most touched during a group sharing where a participant shared with her the importance of addressing this conflict by stating,
“If I know you today, I will not kill you tomorrow.”

The conference gave her the first and rare opportunity to interact with many Middle Eastern youth. This taught her how similar the problems in the region were, and how much the region needed empowered leaders.

It allowed her to play a role in empowering women, who are not as engaged in their communities as they should be. She enjoyed seeing the sparkle in female members’ eyes, when asking them the role they wanted to play in this world, a question most of the Arab girls are never asked.

Today Yasmine is continuing in her work to Bridge the Gap and is working as a Project Manager for the AIESEC Middle East and North Africa regional board.”

Yasmine’s story is just one of 23,000 lived each year by members across AIESEC’s
100-country network. Yasmine is a student just like you. Would you like to live a similar story?

Contact AIESEC at your university to join today!


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