On the 8th of May! I arrived in Boston.. I was going to visit my friend Xiaomin, who the day I arrived just finished her Phd degree, which is incredible!

Boston, and Cambridge where i was staying where all the campuses are is an incredible city! I especially loved the architecture and the contrast between the really old and the really new! I didn’t get to see much of the sights, just cause the weather was horrible the week i was there[Rain, Rain, Rain, Fog and more rain].

But it was great seeing old friends again, even though i am seeing Xiaomin in a couple more months, and sharing his big milestone was so interesting.
As well as seeing Sani[who was a really good friend in high school, and realize that not seeing someone for a long time, doesn’t take away the fact you are still friends]. Also was interesting to get to know Hatim more and to find out what an incredible man he is becoming.

I was using an old school camera, so if there turns out to be any good photos ill scan them and post them up here!

“Friendship is always sweet responsibility, never opportunity”
Kahlil Gibran

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