I believe everyone has a gift. I am not sure that everyone knows what their gift is or how they will use it in their life.

Something happen this week, I have had tea with three of my favorite conversation buddies and they all told me that I am a really good listener who doesn’t judge. They all shared that they were grateful for having their third party perspective that helped them with their thinking.

Although I have heard it countless of times, just because its my nature I didn’t think it was special, but something triggered this week and my paradigm changing and I realized how much a person doesn’t want to listened but they want to be heard.

A big part of it was for me growing up, I was a super shy child who spent her time observing people and not at the words that they were saying but how they were feeling. I guess thats has drawn me to psychology because I am really curious why do people act the way they do and why dont they live up to their full potential. I want to thank my dear friend Rasha for teaching me, that even if you believe a person can be much more, sometimes its just better to let them learn for themselves.

I invite you to share what is your special gift?

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