Doing the things to mark off my Bucket List has been an experience I’ll never forget. Like living in another country, traveling to several countries on one day, playing an Alp Horn and most of all making the friends I have. These are all memories I will cherish with deep Passion and have with me always.

I definitely believe that you must live with all the Passion you can for the moment and get the most out of the culture you’re living in each and every day. As I have said, you only get what you put into life. Following my own words of advice, I have become close with some new girl friends I have made while living here in Vancouver, or as the locals refer to it Vancity.

While I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and live in many places, I find that I am still naive in many ways. My new girl friends, who are a bit worldlier than me, decided that I need to become more part of the Canadian culture.

To get me integrated, they decided us girls would have a girls night out. Of course, this sounded exciting and something I wouldn’t dare turn down and miss the opportunity to mark another thing off my Bucket list! So away we go, out on the town, just us gals. Or so I thought ….

They chose a Wednesday and we went to a local bar that offers ladies drinks at a reduced price. As I looked around, I noticed there was nothing but other women in the bar. I found that a bit odd and asked my friends about that, they just assured me a show would be starting soon.

My word, I never in my wildest dreams had thought the show they spoke of would mean nothing but men, scantly dressed, dancing on a stage and taking off what clothing he did have on! The women in the audience started clapping and yelling at this dancer with excitement. In response to the audience’s encouragement, he removed his shirt with artistic flair and Passion, which made the crowd grow even more excited.

I was thinking to myself, “What in the world could be next!”. Well I quickly found out as the show continued when another dancer took the first dancer place on stage. The show got even wilder and the audience got louder and more excited as he took his pants off! The fun and excitement of all these women just amazed me while men, that were barely dressed, danced away on a stage.

Again to myself, and most likely even out loud without thinking about it, a third man entered the stage and to my utmost surprise, he was full Monty. The way all the girls were screaming with Passion and enjoyment in all their super excitement left me in awe. Then I noticed that even my Mediterranean sister Betul also was screaming, excited and throwing money at this naked male dancer.

I didn’t whether to get wrapped up in the excitement with the other girls or contain myself. While I somewhat enjoyed this evening out with the girls, I choose to remain a little old fashion and stick to just dancing. However, on a side note, I can tick this event off my list my Bucket List!

Other than culture shock, you may wonder what I came away with from this experience of a ladies night out and men dancing with little to no clothing. Well, it re-emphasized my theory, that unless you do something with all your Passion, you won’t get much out of life.

While this evening was not something that I may eagerly be waiting to do again, just as learning a Martial Art or many other things I have experienced while completing my Bucket List. I lived the moment and experienced it to the fullest of my naive and shy self could. I’m glad I didn’t miss the opportunity and it will be another memory that I will always have and cherish.

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