“Extreme Makeover… they help people that are uncomfortable in their own skin. They really change lives.” Steven Hill

I am a huge fan of the show, Extreme Makeover. I know that while we may all say we feel good and are happy, a big part of feeling good and being happy is how you look too. How you dress will make a difference in how you appear to others, how they approach you and in the end, how you feel about yourself.

I sometimes think that my friend Swatti does not feel good about herself. So Francesca and I decided that we give Swatti our own version of an Extreme Makeover. We wanted to her to find the passion and joy of enjoy who she is and love herself and felt that an Extreme Makeover would do just that.

We started with a fashion makeover of the essentials. The clothing items that would make look and feel more like the beautiful, passion filled woman we knew she was. We started with a pair of more flattering jeans matched with some cute tops and finished off with a beautiful jacket. We pulled together some gorgeous outfits for clubbing as well.

The results just what we set out to achieve. Swatti was every bit the beautiful person on the outside that we knew she was on the inside. Now, with this new look our own version of Extreme Makeover provided her, we hope that Swatti finds the Passion to go out and create her own Bucket List of things to accomplish in life!

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