Since, we don’t have snow, the Middle East is not really known for the number of Gondolas they have around. So when the opportunity to take my first Gondola ride came. I didn’t hesitate and jumped to take the opportunity. I know you must be thinking, isn’t the Gondolas rides in something famous in Venice. In Canada their version is a cable car to see a panoramic view of the city.

The Gondola were around 25 dollars for the ticket, not a small sum for students like us. But its probably one of the best things I spent my money on. It was seriously worth it!
It took a while for us to find the spot to take the Gondola, but as you go up you start to see another world. A world where humans are the minorities and the animals rule the land. Its kind of a weird feeling for a city girl like me. I always thought thats the kind of person I am, but every since Kenyan, Switzerland and Canada. I wonder if I have to find a new space, a space where would give me peace.
The thing I like the most about nature, is there is no room for the noise in my head, there is no room for the noise in the city and definitely no room for the noise of people telling you can and can not do things. When we arrived to the top, we walked to a viewing point and saw a 360 degree view of the mountains, it made our morning view look like it was a budget movie while we were in a main motion production.
I am happy I can tick off the gondola ride from my bucket list.
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