When I was younger my mother never stopped speaking about how she loved India. In our house, we loved the food, the fabrics, the color, the movies, the ora. My father followed her one day, curious about her fascination but it ended in the complete opposite, he hated it. I always wanted to go and see how I felt.

What better occasion as predicted by Geet, to be there for her wedding.

I had arrived in the land of chicken masala, chapati, alo ghobi, saris and elephants. To the major city of Mumbai, the chaos reminded of Cairo’s infested streets filled with cars, people and some surprises like cows. I had a wonderful time catching up with Amrita and meeting her really warm family. We enjoyed the street foods and catching up over old adventures we lived in Vancouver.
I then set off to Bangalore and Hyderbad to experience a 5 day wedding of pure loveliness. Its the best wedding I have ever been to, where I got to meet and connect with Geets wonderful family.

Everyone is celebrating, exciting and happy.

I cant describe the feeling I felt watching such a united event. Its such a community event, with lots of rituals which I am not sure the next generation will ever get to see because of how fast things are going.
To a beautiful couple and their adventure ahead.
To a beautiful land I miss see again.

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