Care and I signed up for our first baby triathlon and convinced 7 other to sign up as well. The experience was exciting from the body painting, transition section aka bicycle/running shoe parking lot, and great deal of support and camaraderie from the participants.

Isabel and I started to get really excited after we met Uncle Chan: nearly 70 year old and in the past 2- years, has run 18 marathons several triathlons. He was yet another reminder that there is no age limit to challenging yourself.

The mini/freshmen triathlon is a combination of three sports: 200 meters swim, 10 km cycle and 2.4 km run. We met up for swims, joined i-run to practice runs and obviously Tour de Timor cycle training was enough for the race. Although, we read about the importance at training to do two sports at a time to get use the muscle change, we somehow felt we be ok. We were but all our muscles felt so weird while we change sport.
The swim was extremely challenging because the waves were super choppy because of this morning storm. It is very different than practicing in a pool where you can really move. The cycle was super lovely and the switch to the run was super challenging. I felt like I didn’t have control over my body and limbs and as a result ran super slow.


I felt a great deal of satisfaction post the race and was so excited that all of us finished it 🙂 I am glad that many of us will be doing it again next year. Every challenge helps our journey of growth and doing challenges with friends makes it so much more meaningful as we celebrate each others success. I will definitely recommend the experience for anyone because in the end we are gold medalist 🙂


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