A year ago I decided I wanted to learn to forgive. I didn’t even know really what that meant, or how I would expect to find out?

This weekend, as I hung out with two close friends: one of which I had a fall out with last year. I realized how comfortable it was for us to be together, it was so natural as if nothing happened. We joked that we really are the three musketeers.

It occurred to me then, that I didn’t remember why I was even angry? In the scope of life if I couldn’t remember it was because it just didn’t mean anything. Was that me learning to forgive and let go of something.

While keeping a gratitude diary, it has helped me refocus my attention to the blessings I have and has helped me realize that in order to forgive others, I must be open to forgive myself.

Life is too short to hold grudges, I and many people in this world are not perfect. In the words of my old mentor, art teacher and friend Sameh “Beauty lies in imperfection”

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