I don’t know if it is because I am in a new, unknown place and everything looks, sounds and tastes awesome because it’s new and unknown. Or is it just because everything is just that my curiousity takes me to try new things makes living awesome, unbelievable and wonderful to me. I am certain things are as they are because I have chose to live my life, regardless where I am, who I am with or what I am doing, with every bit of excitement and Passion that I have in me.

When I moved here, Jackie, one of soul sisters introduced me to the music of an awesome, great band, “The Killers”. Quickly, I added seeing this awesome sounding group in person to my every growing Bucket List. I love listening to music of all kinds, I appreciate every sound and that the artist who wrote the song or is performing the song, have done with a passion for their chosen career.

When Jackie told me about ‘The Killers’ coming in concert, I knew I had to see them! There may not be another opportunity anytime soon, I couldn’t let something I had grown so Passionate about, this group’s music, pass me by! First and foremost, because I love their music and second of all, I had not been to very many live concerts in my life.

It was exciting from the moment we purchased our tickets, as we got floor seats! How much better can that be, right?! Wrapped up in the moment, Jackie and I pushed and made our way to the front of the floor crowd. I quickly learned by the size of the crowd and the excitement and Passion in the room, that I wasn’t the only fan of ‘The Killers’.

Pushing and working our way toward the stage, I looked up and there we were! So close that I could almost have reached out and touched this awesome, powerful group. It was so exciting! Every one of us in the room wanted to be on the first row, it was almost a complete mad house with this insane group of fans!

We were all swaying, singing and grasping to be touched by one of ‘The Killers’. At the time, I knew that it was me and me alone they were singing to. Alas, in reality, I know that every person in that room most likely felt that same excitement and Passion.

As more of the crowd crunched in trying to reach a closer place to the stage, it became too much for Jackie and I. At one point, we were pushed down and my foot became wrapped around my body and my glasses flew across the floor. I thought I was going to die, right there, at the concert of ‘The Killers’, crushed and trampled on.

Someone was kind enough to help us up, I guess perhaps a more experienced concert goer that had strong legs and stability for these mad house crowds that Jackie and I did. We quickly gave up on front row seating and decided to just find a space that was less crowded and just enjoy the excitement and Passion of the music, the people, the moment and most of all, ‘The Killers’.

The concert was Awesome, even after what felt like my close brush with death. How awesome is it to mark another quest off my bucket list … seeing ‘The Killers’ in concert!!

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