On my Bucket List, traveling and living in foreign lands means learning, playing and working in those places as well. One of the best ways to get familiar with the people and the area is to join clubs.

As I’ve said before, you only get out of your experience in living in different places as what you put into it! Life is all about opportunities but it is up to us to take those opportunities and do something with them!

Last week was clubs week and as normal, with all my passion, I joined several clubs. A new twist for me, but I was drawn to it by the very bright, red booth – Kung Fu. I’ve not been one to take part in many athletic things, especially a Martial Art, as I believed them to be on the violent side. After all the movies you see, how would you know any different?

Well you know different by doing what I did and join a club! I learned from my instructor that Kung Fu is more about learning to be disciplined. By focusing on the same moves every day, at the same time, you learn to discipline yourself and be regimented. So as with everything else on my Bucket List, I decided if I am going to join this club, do it with all my passion!

I actually enjoyed my first class more than I anticipated I would! Once I got through the pain in my muscles, muscles I didn’t even know I had, by stretching. As I stretched and loosened up, the song “Everybody love Kung Fu Fighting” came to me and has become my new theme song.

I can see adding to my Bucket List to master Kung fu!


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