I was never the best student in school. Even though I knew that I was never to be honored by winning a scholarship because of my grades, I was determined to not let that keep from experiencing life to the fullest and do the things that I wanted to do. This year, I won my first scholarship!

The day our ACTIS Education course started, I was a bit overwhelmed. I was the second youngest person among 38 individuals from 30 different countries! The diversity of this environment was just spectacular and mind blowing. I was surround by students that had accomplished their Masters and Phds.

Our lead facilitator, Dr Roger, was hilarious. Along with a visual architect, Klaus brought us a holistic visualization and feeling of the group. He tapped into our group energy and incorporated it into the training, which was absolutely wonderful!

There are several things that will always stay with me from my trip through Switzerland. Such as it is a musical place from all the cows around us with their cow bells! I also learned that the political system in Switzerland is very interesting. The Swiss don’t have an election process as other countries do when choosing a President. The position of President is more like an honorary role and the seven federal presidents rotate holding the position. The role of the President is to represent the people, not make decisions using their authority. In one state, they still vote by hand!

The community was shared and such a transparency, my thoughts of this wonderful country left me wondering how I would use this myself in the future.

In the end, life is a matter of choices, you make the decision to have an average life or an awesome one!

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