Today I added another item to my Bucket List – Zip Lining. Zip lining is also been called Flying Fox in ages past. Many of you reading this may not even know what Zip Lining is, I didn’t myself, until today. Basically, the easiest way to explain this activity is to describe it as a modern Tarzan experience. You fly through the forest, from one tree to another.

Even though I have been bungee jumping, and lived to tell about it, and I am very afraid of heights, Zip Lining looked like something that I needed to add to my Bucket List and conquer it! So I jumped in, full of Passion, and signed up!

Our group was taken to Whistler, which is nearly 45 minutes away, and then we walked on wooden planks in a surrounding of high, tall Pine trees. What a beautiful, magnificent sight to behold. The recent snow from the past couple of days made this look like a magical winter wonderland. The Passion of being here was fulfilling and yet overwhelming too.

It is hard to describe and explain what Zip Lining was like. I felt an awesome adrenaline rush as I flew through the air weightless from tree to tree. I flew through the air as only a bird could experience. It was hard to remember for a short time, the hustle and bustle I had left behind in the City as I saw the beauty of the mountains around and below me.

Yes, this was a bit scary at first. But as with everything else on my Bucket List, I approached it with all the Passion and drive I have and I enjoyed it tremendously. For many years to come, I will have the memory of this with me and will drift back into those mountains in my mind over and over.


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