1. Bungee Jumping
2. Visit Antarctica
3. Swim with whale sharks
4. Experience India
5. Climb Kota Kinabalu
6. Learn to fly a plane
7. Go on a safari
8. Live in a foreign country
9. Travel on a Bicycle
10. Travel by boat
11. Travel by train
12. Go up in a hot air balloon
13. Learn how to ski
14. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
15. Sing from the leaning tower of Pisa
16. Climb a volcano
17. Organize an adventure trip for friends
18. See Kangaroos in Australia
19. Participate in an Amazing Race
20. Attend Spain’s Tomatina Festival
21. Swim with Elephants
22. Sail around a continent
23. Travel from Malaysia to Thailand by train
24. Visit Nepal
25. Apply for Amazing Race TV show
26. Visit Venice before it sinks
27. Visit site where Ottoman empire collapsed
28. Visit Morocco
29. Have a Pina colada in Mexico
30. Visit Iran
31. Travel to three countries in one day
32. Celebrate a New Year’s countdown in Time Square
33. Walk the Great Wall of China
34. Cross a glacier on foot
35. Visit Rodin’s statue the thinker
36. Travel to Silk Route on the Trans-Siberian Railway
37. Cycle Tuscany
38. Cycle Camino Santiago Trail
39. Go to burning man
40. Participate in a rickshaw race
41. Learn to Sail
42. Go to space
43. Visit Canadian Rockie Mountains
44. Travel from Egypt to Spain by land/ferry/bicycle
45. Bag pack through Vietnam
46. Go to Carnival in Brazil
47. Visit Anastasia palace in Russia
48. See the tiny frog in Costa Rica
49. Cycle France
50. Eat cheese in switzerland
51. Climb Mount Kenya


52. Manage a regional nongovernmental organization
53. Start an e-commerce business
54. Have my own website
55. Set up an non profit
56. Build an interfaith center/community
57. Set up a venture capitalist firm
58. Win an international award
59. Give a speech at a TED conference
60. Give a speech at a TEDx conference
61. Set up a scholarship for underprivileged woman in the Middle East to study in Asia
62. Set up a chain of eco-lodges
63. Write a Book
64. Find a job I love
65. Get a Masters degree
65. Go on exchange
66. Facilitate at an international conference
67. Become a ACC certified life coach
68. Become a MCC certified life coach
69. Become a PCC certified life coach
70. Be a motivational speaker
71. Be a keynote speaker
72. Work in an MNC
73. Run workshops for high school students
74. Manage a national nongovernmental organization
75. Win a competition
76. Run my solo first training program


77. Perform in a festival
78. Watch an opera
79. Have a full collection art Exhibition
80. Chair MENAxLDs
81. Live on my own
82. Attend a K’naan concert
83. Have a compost garden
84. Make a wish and let a white pigeon fly away
85. Donate Blood
86. Go camping in snow
87. Plant a tree
88. Run in the fields like Heidi
89. Send a message in a bottle
90. Be on TV
91. Be on the Radio
92. Break a Guinness world record
93. Sky dive
94. Send End of the Year Greeting cards
95. Send birthday wishes to my friends
96. Sneak into a movie
97. Go fishing and eat what I catch
98. Double a friends salary
99. Be quoted
100. Be in a movie
101. Meet Oprah
102. Meet Marie Forloe
103. Go a huge concert
104. Organize a huge fundraising event
105. Foster an Elephant
106. Sleep under the stars
107. Watch a Bolshoi Ballet
108. Join a hip hop group and be dance in a competition
109. Learn how to scuba dive
110. Ride in a speed boat
111. Go on a detox diet
112. Volunteer for the Olympics
113. Make someone smile everyday
114. Design my own home
115. Learn to forgive
116. Plan a friend’s wedding
117. Help someone get over an addiction
118. Have a baby/start a family
119. Fall in love (deeply deeply truly madly)
120. Get carried down a mountain
121. Attend a TED conference
122. Get over my fear of heights and rock climb
123. Watch a musical
124. Watch a broadway show in New York
125. Play Alphorn and Eat swiss cheese in Switzerland
126. Study in a foreign country
127. Attend a show at the Vienna Opera House
128. Write a letter to everyone I love
129. Attend an Indian wedding
130. Be in a documentary
131. Ride a helicopter

132. Perfect my lasagna recipe
132 Perfect my couscous
133. Eat Frogs Legs
134. Eat Snails

135. Eat crocodile meat
136. Try Sacher Cake in Austria


137. Start my investment portfolio
138. Buy a boat
139. Buy my first HDB
140. Buy my first condominium
141. Buy my first house
142. Own a Frey Wille hunterwasser bracelet
143. Buy my own laptop
144. Buy my mom a designer bag
145. Start a retirement fund


146. Attend an intensive dance retreat
147. Master a martial art
148. Run 10 km
149. Run 15 km
150. Run half a marathon (21km)

151. Run a marathon(42km)
152. Get my body in optimal shape
153. Run 10 km in sub 60
154. Get Quad muscles
155. Participate in a baby triathlon

156. Participate in a sprint triathlon
157. Participate an Olympic triathlon
158. Do a sport for charity


159. Do a sport for charity
160. Conduct a training in front of 500 people
161. Speak Spanish
162. Improve my Arabic
163. Attend a culinary course
164. Attend a gelato making workshop
165. Go through coach training course

166. Learn to dance tango
167. Learn to public speak

168. Participate in a Duathlon
169. Participate in Tour De Timor


170. Read Torah, Bible and Qu’ran
171. Attend a vipassna
172. Go to Haj Pilgrimage