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3 months of growing towards outrageous business success

Imagine making money, creating an impact and a lifestyle you want?

Imagine having a wait-list of clients that you were excited about?

Imagine having systems set up that allows you to grow into a million dollar empire?

Imagine all it took was the right mindset, strategy and support?

I have good news for you: that IS all it takes.

This whole going-it-alone thing isn’t working for your business, is it?

  • You’re overwhelmed every time you open your email (or even think about it)
  • You don’t get how you’re working constantly (and still making peanuts)
  • You’re spending more time doing the work you need to do and less time doing the work you want to do…

And your work and life is suffering big time.

You need:

yasminekhater_icon_binocularsMarketing + Sales Experience
yasminekhater_icon_headA strategic, systems-oriented brain
yasminekhater_icon_chairThe support of a professional psychologist

= To help you blast through your stuck points and
make your time as efficient as possible.

That’s where I come in.


I’m Yasmine Khater and I help exceptional entrepreneurs (like you) create outrageous business success by growing their leads, clients, and profits.

It sounds like magic. But it isn’t. It’s merely the results of strategic trust-based marketing, developing airtight systems to scale and a little bit of fearless coaching too.

What else would you expect from someone who double majored in Integrated Marketing Communications and Psychology at a Top 10 Business School?

After working for 10 years in project management, developing leadership programs, and organizing multi-million dollar corporate events for a Fortune 500 company, I decided it was time for a change.

I turned my killer business savvy elsewhere and co-founded a social enterprise called Gone Cyclin’. For the event, I cycled over 420 km in one of the world’s toughest terrains and raised $50,000 to benefit women in East Timor.


Because I believe in changing the world. And I believe that the only way to do that is through business.

Since then, I’ve traveled to dozens of conferences across 4 continents, addressed audiences of 30 to 1,000 people and given speeches on the topics of authentic leadership, productivity, and innovative customer service. I have helped my clients grow their businesses to 6 and 7 figures.

As your sales strategist, I am committed to your leadership, your productivity and your stellar client relationships. I am also committed to your success. Because your success is how you can change the world.

When we work together, I will help you…

  • Generate more leads so you’re booking clients with simplicity and ease instead of stressing about where to find your next big client
  • Implement systems that will save you time so you can spend less hours sorting through emails, papers, contracts, numbers and spend more days with the people you love
  • Manage your projects efficiently so nothing ever falls through the cracks, including money, so your bank account keeps growing
  • Take fearless, powerful action and hold you accountable, because that’s the key to results and you’re tired of knowing you can do more and not doing it!
  • Grow your revenue to 6 or 7 figures and beyond so you finally afford that vacation you’ve been dreaming of… for the entire summer

Increased our targets by 30% this quarter.

“Yasmine has been a mentor, a manager, and someone who has not only worked through my business models but introduced new models to me. Before I started coaching, my overheads and costs needed careful management to ensure I was prepared and planning for ongoing success.

Now, I’m in control of results at work and have increased our targets by 30% for this quarter.  I have a plan for how this can be achieved and have quite significantly altered the way I’ll manage the team through their targets to be more planning & goal oriented

Yasmine introduced new tools to me, like how to roadmap, or how to make a decision when it’s difficult. These are things I have used again and again, not just at work but at home as well.  Yasmine has a more practical and business-led approach than I ever expected from a coach.  In addition, she is always upbeat, open, motivating and made challenges seem extremely simple. I even used the motivation from our sessions to work on some psychological barriers in public speaking.

After the coaching, I feel the business has a whole new lease on life and we are in a strong position to write new goals for our new financial year.  Yasmine has given me the confidence to say that the business is strong, safe, and progressing.”

– Kathryn Woof, Managing Director, 33 Talents

I had my first 10K month and hit over 6 figures for the first time ever.


307754_2290241828357_1486706258_nDoing the Earn 5K was officially the best decision I ever made for my business!

Although I had 5k in revenue before the program. I wasn’t earning a 5k salary and my income in my business was constantly fluctuating.

For a long time, I thought I could figure things out for myself; that I didn’t “need” a coach, and that I couldn’t afford one anyway. The truth was, I couldn’t afford NOT to do Earn 5K. I was working as a freelancer, NOT a business owner, and I didn’t know how to change things.

I choose to the do the mastermind version and during our intensive, Yasmine helped me get clear on my big-picture vision (invaluable!) then we got really hands on — evaluating my business model, re-positioning my packages, and building out the missing systems that I needed in place to take my business to the next level.

For the first time, I mapped out my sales and marketing funnels, including key email sales sequences that I was missing. EARN 5K does not only leave you with an action plan, but with the templates I know how I would bring that to life.

As I write this, I’m wrapping up my best year yet; I had my first 10K month and hit over 6 figures for the first time ever. Next year, I should come close to doubling that and, with the right systems and the right team in place, I feel confident that I’ll be able to wave Survival Mode goodbye permanently.”

– Nikki Groom, Chief Storyteller, F Factor

From side hustle to 20k/month client


“When I started working with Yasmine, I was working on a side business idea that I wanted to make into a full time business.

Thanks to coaching with her, I got my first clients and started generating money before even being registered. Within 6 months, I was able to go from $0 to generating $200,000 dollars! Yasmine always kept my financial goals in check and made sure we had the strategy to reach them.

I definitely recommend Yasmine because she is fun to work with, but mainly because of her no nonsense, practical approach to business results.”

– Ibrahim Youssef, Founder, Triple Edged Project

I made $22970 in 5 Weeks


Before working with Yasmine, I put my heart and soul into my meetK_sidebarbusiness and saw little financial return for my efforts.

I approached my business as a mission and not as a lucrative venture with the ability to transform lives. I often felt scattered and distracted by the endless list of tasks facing an entrepreneur and all the shiny objects.

After working with Yasmine helped me think bigger and get very clear about my vision, business model, sales process and have complete confidence in my ability to execute my business plan each quarter.

I have the support and clarity I have always needed in order to make the appropriate strategic decisions about how best to serve my business and my clients. I sold more in one quarter than I had sold in my first several years.

I have peace of mind and a strategy in place that helps me determine what I need to do next and when I need to rest and restore.

I recommend Yasmine because of her practical systematic approach to helping build an empire.

– Katie McDonald, Nutritionist, bnourished

You bring your incredible business (with it’s woes, problems, and under earning).

I’ll bring my fearless support, systems and strategy.

Together we’ll supercharge your business so you can walk away with stellar sales, solid systems and serious strategies that support your success… and lots of sunny smiles too.

Because I know you can do this!

Your other option?
Playing small and waiting for someone else to book YOUR next big client.

And I don’t like that option. Do you?


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  • You can apply to book a FREE 30 minute consultation with me right away!
  • If we decide we’re a match and desire to work together, you’ll get a contract and link to payment.
  • You’ll receive all of your Welcome materials (as listed below), including an Action Book to start us off.
  • Once you’ve filled out your initial Action Book and submitted some pre-work to me, we will schedule our first call and start improving your life and business immediately!

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Currently booking for September 2016
2 spots available!

yasminekhater_icon_bookOnce you sign up, you’ll get a beautiful package delivered right to your door. Within it, you’ll get your very own personalised Action Book to start dreaming and planning right away! This book will keep you active and accountable during our work together. (Valued at $500)
yasminekhater_icon_bullseyeOur first sessions will be devoted to your Fearless Sales Intensive – we’ll get you extremely clear on exactly what it is you want for your future. You will walk away with a solid picture of your business vision. Because you can’t make it happen if you don’t visualize it first! (Valued at $1497)
yasminekhater_icon_chartNext up will be your Business Audit where we’ll assess your organization, cashflow and systems and map out in detail what’s working and not working in your business. Oftentimes, I see clients have built themselves businesses that they absolutely hate because they are not aligned with their lifestyle or values.
We’ll figure out how to restructure your business so you can live the way you want to live and reach your financial goals for yourself and your family. (Valued at $2000)
yasminekhater_icon_drawThen, we’ll get into your Business Optimisation and go through a detailed assessment to see if you have the right tools in place so you can grow and leverage your time, money and energy for the best results. We’ll create an action plan to maximize your business opportunities so you can stop leaking money and start raking in the cash. This includes considering hiring out a team member to take your business to the next level. (Valued at $1000)
yasminekhater_icon_timeSix (90-minute) “Get Things Done” Sessions where we will refine and evaluate your products and services to optimize your profits (Valued at $2600)

Plus, you’ll get a whole packet of bonuses!


yasminekhater_icon_hourglassa FREE Training on being “Get Focused Formula” – this will help you save a minimum of 6 hours per week! (Valued at $100)
yasminekhater_icon_keyUnlimited access to my library of tools, templates and how-to’s (Valued at over $2400) yasminekhater_icon_taga discount voucher to the Your Fearless Businesss Retreat at your choice (Valued at $500)

yasminekhater_icon_mobile1-Hour Follow-Up Call After the Program is completed to check in and make sure you’re on track (Valued at $500)


Grew Our Client List by 300%

Our brand has developed such a solid reputation that we have investors knocking on our door.

“When I started my business, I was all over the place. I was being reactive and not strategic in how I was growing my business.

Working with Yasmine was incredible! She helped structure and define clear priorities for me and held me accountable to them. Now, I am not only more confident in my company’s ability to succeed, but I have clear processes in place.

We get new clients signing up everyday and have grown the client database by over 300%! We also developed our own software and grew our team to a staff of 4!

Although we wanted to grow organically, our brand has developed such a solid reputation that we have investors knocking on our door. I highly recommend working with Yasmine if you want to play bigger. It’s pretty amazing!”

Sabine Seilliere, Founder, Sabineʼs Baskets

Within 6 Weeks I had my first 12K month

I have been a photographer for 3 years but my business was never growing beyond the $3-4k a month. I knew I wanted to move from a freelancer to becoming a CEO.

Yasmine helped me define the business I wanted to build and pushed me to get really uncomfortable. She got me to admit I wanted bigger goals for myself, my family and my company.

And within 5 weeks, I went on two hire part time staff, negotiate contracts with some of my existing clients to ensure $5k of retained work a month, attract new clients and for the first time hit a 12k month goal.

If you are having a hard time with marketing and sales, Yasmine is practical and focuses on results.”

Jana, Head Photographer, Ensof

Total Value for This Program: $11,097
Your Investment: $6,400

Payment Plans Available

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Book Now!

Currently booking for September 2016
2 spots available!

Within 6 months, I went from no business to my first 10K month!

“I didn’t even know I was capable of making 10k a month as an artist! Yasmine helped me get clear about what I wanted to do and helped me overcome my obstacles to get there.

She kept me on track in launching my business and getting my first clients. Because Spain was a difficult market for artist I started to look international to build my name.

Within 6 months I had my first 10,000 Euro month at my first International Exhibition in Lebanon, and already have another exhibition in the pipeline for the UAE,  Nigeria and United Kingdom.

I really recommend working with Yasmine if you are ready to get uncomfortable and are serious about getting results.”

Jordi Machi – Artist,

If you think you want to double your profit, {let’s get on the phone} and talk about how I can help you.

It’s completely free and you’re guaranteed to walk away with easy-to-implement strategies for your success.

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Currently booking for September 2016
2 spots available!