Cycle, Cycle, Cycle to Desaru

This weekend I embarked on my first cycling trip to Desaru, Malaysia which is around 50-60km from the small fishing town of Pengerang. Vimal and I rented bikes from Changi Village and met 14 other cyclers who were ready to hit the road. The road was pretty flat and refreshing to be out of the hustle and bustle and closer to the country side. We stopped at Sungai Rengit for a fantastic seafood lunch at the town’s famous Good Luck Seafood. While enjoying our feast we saw bus full of Malaysian and Singaporean tourist flood in to devour the great seafood J

With happy bellies, we continued our journey to Desaru. Unfortunately because we spent so long filling our tummies, we had to skip the Ostrich farm.

My disappointed went by when we saw a group of wild monkeys in the middle of the road: it was so natural and beautiful that the monkeys were in their own element. I wanted to stop but was afraid it would be dangerous with such a big group.

Later on, while cycling alone, I saw two monkeys by themselves, thinking it was an ideal opportunity for a great photo, I got off my bike, camera in hand and started calling out to the monkey to look at me.

BIG MISTAKE because next thing I know, there was this little angry monkey running after me until I screamed and scared him.

After the encounter I learned to mind my own business and continued to cycle on, passing by such beautiful sceneries. We arrived at Dessaru Golf hotel, the highlight in the hotel was that when cyclers travel they bring their bikes into their hotel rooms with them as the hotel usually doesn’t want to be held liable for bicycles. Dessaru is also known so fireflies viewing but by time we got to the hotel, it was difficult to move people.

The next day, after soaking up the sun, and enjoying the pool we decided to take shorter route to Tg. Belungkor Ferry Terminal which is 30-35km to the terminal. We set off at mid day and the sun was extremely hot and melted away, and I ended up seeing a snake slither across the road :S


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