Does God Exist?

Recently, I was a temp for my friend’s third grade enrichment class, as she went back home for a family emergency. Two of the girls in the class were fasting, so when I asked the other student if he knew what it was?

I realized, when I explained this practice, it really didn’t seem to make sense to this 7 or 8-year-old little boy. It made me wonder of the countless things that as kids we take for granted.

I remember my first shocking experience on the first night of my exchange in Estonia, when fifteen people from 12 nationalities had a discussion about whether God exists. I was seventeen had grown up in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, where that question was never asked. I thought, what do you mean God does not exist? What is wrong with these people? Obviously this option isn’t even possible? God exists.

After a long endless discussion, I left knowing that religion is only a belief and in life we have the option to belief in whatever we see fit. Although we may not be able to see intangible things like love, hurt, happiness or longing, just like religion we have a choice if we want to see it. 🙂

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