Dont Mess with my Health

I recently had my first health screening ever, for people that know me well they are aware I immensely loathe doctors and hospital. Health facilities strike a chord of sickness, death and the months we watched my father’s health deteriorate. Without my persuasive colleague I probably would have never made an appointment.

Since the beginning of this year I have taken a huge step to move towards health lifestyle, from monitoring foods I eat to incorporating a three times a week exercise into my regime. – gone down a clothes size
– stopped eating meat
– refrained from casual smoking
– discontinue from drinking

It hasn’t been the easiest journey to take, especially in a city with overloaded with hawker centers housing delicious cuisines for economical prices. I have triumphed never-the-less and have…

– went on my first Cycling Trip to Dessaru
– completed my first Cycling Race
– increased my stamina
– organized my first trekking trip for friends up
Mount Ophir
– cycled 250 km in three days to Mersing
– climbed South Asia’s tallest Mountain Kota Kinabalu

…. and now training for 450 km mountain bike race in September to fundraise money for charity through an initiative I co-founded called Gone Cyclin
…. training for a half marathon in December

The doctor however told me that I could afford to lose more weight which is what I aim to achieve and I am on track for being healthy. He alarmed me however when he said I had a small fibroid growth, my brain automated that growth means cancer and in a matter of seconds my emotions were triggered by fear and I wanted to cry. He took a while re-assuring me that it was very rare and I just need to monitor it over the years.

It really got me thinking, without watching my father suffer to a disease; would I have become more conscious of my health? As death rates are increasing among youth as we now lead more stressful routines, managing with lack of sleep, not maintaining a healthy nutrition or lifestyles.

If God forbid, your time has come at least you can do it with style, if things work out otherwise I want to be 80 and be able to climb a mountain, go on a bicycle adventure like Ted and take my grandkids to concerts and dance my heart out.

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