Everyone Deserves a Lifetime

Imagine walking 100kms over 3 days with thousands of fighters to fundraise money for research to fight Breast Cancer. Tonight I met and heard about a woman’s inspirational journey during the Komen 3 day walk. She shared she had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life: cancer patients who were still doing chemo, survivors, families and friends who experienced the impact it had on their loved ones.

I connect easily with breast cancer because we lost my aunt Sophie to her battle with the disease and now my Aunti Adi is fighting her battle. I immediately reflected on my cousin‘s action of running half a marathon tomorrow to fundraise money for the hospital that my aunt is getting cured at.

But nothing compared to hearing about someone she had met during the walk that left me dumbfounded: she met a 70 year old man who had never even met someone with breast cancer, yet he was doing it because he didn’t want his baby grand daughter to even hear about it. That story brought me to tears thinking how compassionate this man was to want to fight for a better world so that she didnt have to suffer.

I thought about all the other fighters and their journeys and I can’t wait to embark of my fight to cycle 410 km to fundraise money to enable 360 women become self-sufficient in East Timor through the Gone Cyclin’ project.


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