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Welcome to Fearless Empire Building Community

I’m Yasmine Khater, Chief Sales Strategist, and although I started this community, it’s not mine, it’s ours!

I believe every day we need decide if we want an average or awesome life!

But here is the thing.. something stops us..

Its Fear.. which is why the fearless revolution is all about starting to follow in love with fear in order to build an empire that can truly change the world.

Here are the Top 12 C’s of the Fearless Principles:

1. Choice: Fear kill dreams, hopes and actually ages you! Being Fearless does not require you to look out the window; it requires you to look in the mirror and set clear intentions.

You have infinite choices to decide if you want to lead an awesome or average life. There will be an easy road, which is comfortable but if you want to be Fearless, play big and change the world…

You have to set BHAGS – Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Throughout history, breakthrough became possible because someone decided to dream big.

What is your Big Dream?

What does that awesome empire look like to you? What are those secret dreams that you don’t share? Maybe even don’t consider possible!

You have a choice to invest your energy in fear; whether it’s barriers we build ourselves or the ones someone talking you out of your dreams or greatness!

Start DREAMING BIG because that’s how greatness begins!

2. Commitment: No one is going to build your dream empire for you! If you want it, you’ve got to start; you’ve got to take small steps!

No one will understand what you are going through and that’s why you want to create it.

Commit to the most important person in your life, YOU!

Commit to your dreams coming true.

This is your life, your rules, your challenges, your failures, your successes and your greatness!

The first time you take that first fearless step, you begin to change your life. The more you commit to your dreams and desires, the easier it is to become fearless. You’ve got to start before you are ready!

3. Courage: Everyone is afraid of something, and you will never eliminate fear from your life. Being fearless is about not letting fear stop us from thinking differently, being different, trying different things which might not work out as planned but we get back up and try again.

No one wants sets to fail.

Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey and Nelson Mandela; they failed more than they have succeeded but overall they are better off than at the beginning.

Failure should be a badge of honor. The more comfortable you are with the possibility of failing, the less you judge yourself and care what others think.

Know that no one can be and do what you can.

Your fears are just your inner voice telling you that you are not enough!

You are not smart, beautiful, confident, loved or capable enough!

You are more than enough!

And that voice, we all have it. It’s the voice of your parents, friends, teachers and the media whose beliefs and dreams don’t define you.

Without fear, you cannot act courageously unless you have something to protect, something to honor, something to prove, or something to commit to. Fear is a call to action and that action should be courageous.

4. Challenges: Do things that scare you and get your adrenaline flowing! Jump from a plane, tell someone you love them or go after an impossible dream.

Experiment & take small challenges consistently.

When you are done with one experiment think of another. Fear and failure are not the enemy. Let yourself grow and become more comfortable with uncertainty.

Progress happens with action! Don’t overthink! Don’t wait for the right situation!

5. Don’t Compare: Everyone has different dreams, aspirations and desires.

Be conscious of what your thoughts are and the thoughts of your everyone else and don’t let them govern your behavior.

The more you focus on others, the more you miss out on spending time and focusing on yourself.

If you don’t know what your dreams are yet, go experiment, go travel and go venture!

Measure your own standards + not others’…build your road map, your work and your community.

6. Cycles: Every path, every dream has ups and downs. It will not always be smooth sailing. Instead of thinking about quitting, start to ask yourself, “What should I do next?”

Fearlessness is all about being open to modifying your approach and sharing your lessons learned because you know others will learn from your experience.

Remember life is a cycle, we all had low moments that required them to stop, reflect, and create a new perspective and new direction.

Instead of thinking that failure should stop us and making Dramaville your home, realize that you are a work in progress and that ever stepping stone for their victory.

7. Crush Self Doubt: To be fearless you need to always question the voice that says “I’m not ready yet”, “I’m not skilled enough”, “I need to learn just that one more thing”.

You have high standards, you could be better, but Rome wasn’t built in a day! Remember principle number five: if you sit and wait while comparing yourself to everyone else, you will never start.

When you get an idea, God has already made 10 photocopies of it. The ones who work on theirs and evolve them through experimentation become the change makers, the visionaries, and the ones who play big and change the world.

Start now and work towards calming your internal dialogue.

You know that your mind is more powerful than you can imagine.

8. Confess Your Greatness: Don’t wait to be validated! Don’t wait to be praised! Don’t wait to start to lead your own revolution! Don’t wait for someone to invite you to share your voice, thoughts and opinions.

To move towards your dreams say your dreams out loud.

The more you are clear about what you want to build, you can start to take the action towards up.

9. Confidence: Fearless warriors are humble, open to insight, feedback and guidance of others. You must understand that not everyone is on the same path and not everyone sees things the way you do.

Not everyone will agree and be on the same wave length. Some will feel threatened, others excited.

In the end, test, experiment, evaluate advice and trust yourself that you can build the empire your desires.

10. Care: Your fearlessness is best seen when you are able to let others see how fearless they are too. Let them know why they are fearless and why it’s crucial to have them in the world.

Encourage them, let them know they are ready. Just because it was hard for you or took a lot of time, it doesn’t mean it will be hard for them!

But also care for yourself. All this stretching outside of your comfort zone needs to come gradually. Spoil yourself, re-energize your juices, start to practice self love + care. Buy new clothes.

Schedule time for things that make you feel good; schedule a massage, yoga class, or have a coffee to just vent with friends. Confess your greatness and acknowledge the steps you’ve taken.

11. Condition Fearlessness: The Fearlessness doesn’t happen overnight. It happens by conditioning yourself towards taking small steps.

When you are afraid condition yourself to walk towards your fears rather than away from them. Because most fears are just in your mind.

Be courageous, look fear right in the eye and take baby steps towards conquering it.

12. Community: Choose your community wisely! Surround yourself with people who love, inspire and push you to achieve your dreams. We are only as crazy as our community.

Be Crazy!

Do you want to be fearless, play big and change the word! If you want to commit to these principles, take five seconds to say “I’m in!” in the comments, or whatever you’re feeling to express yourself!

If you want to get over your fears about starting a business or growing, join our 14 Day FREE Fear Challenge which is designed to help you embrace your fears, play bigger and change the world.

Also join our free group on Facebook Group of Empire Builders for more support.

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