How to Figure Out Your Dream Career?

In the corporate world, where the routine and structure can sometimes be suffocating, most people tend to lose their true authentic inner voice, instead being in back to back meetings that might have no impact or endless power points sometimes makes us want to scream “I can’t stand this meeting and if I have to stay here one more minute I will destroy the PowerPoint projector with my bare hands!” or want to replicate the girl who quit her job.

Its at times like this, when you think is this what life really about we ask, “I want to discover the work I was meant to do, How do I find out?”The difference between the two groups is that one knows that its hard work to discover and master while the other wants the answer to magically appear. My unguided approach took five years to really discover, now I help clients to discover their purpose from a couple of sessions.

The magic really just begins by starting, some of these questions may open up surprising opportunities, although it may take years before your true purpose, and how people will pay you what you deserve. For me to discover and master your purpose comes by mastering yourself.

My favorite approach for discovering what you are meant to do is by Jim Collins, author of Good to Great and Built to Last and former Professor of Entrepreneurship at Stanford University said it’s all about finding your sweet spot! You know that intersection between these three circles:
Circle One: What are you deeply passionate about?
Circle Two: What will people pay you to do?
Circle Three: What are you genetically encoded to do that you can do better than anyone on earth?

Now in our Fearless Career Change we go through an interactive process, which helps you discover your sweet spot quicker.

According to Collins we are all “genetically encoded to do,” but its about taking a step and finding your authentic inner voice, and this usually comes in a more creative self vs a rational self, but the key is to be open to the clues.

If you want to take a chance on yourself, the best way is to start by taking part in our 14 Day Free Fear Challenge.

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