Finding your Anchor

Recently I have been struggling to do an assignment, I allocated the time but I could never get it done. Every evening I rushed home to work on it, but I could never concentrate for more than 10-15 mins before I started checking my twitter, linkedin, facebook, blog.

Yesterday, I went to to the office early to try to finish off my assignment and I realized how efficient I was. This struck me that I associated home as a comfort place in which my brain reacts the same way to. But at the office or library where I want to get work done as efficiently as possible my brain changes.
While speaking with one of my fav couples Radu & Cristina Palamariu, they shared that during their NLP training they called that phenomenon Anchoring. I wonder about the diversity that some people may use for their own anchoring: whether being symbols, locations, movement and visuals.
What kind of anchors do you use?

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