Free Falling

This weekend, I attended a Muslim’s youth forum where one of the speakers spoke about how human beings struggles because they lack the A,B,C of being a human.

Our Y generation is so focused on the material things, we have forgotten that as humans we need the spiritual and health components as well. With new fashion trends, gadgets such toys like 3G cell phones, laptops, music players, and massage chairs we drive for more and more inanimate possessions.

It was refreshing, meeting up with Christina and Radu , my favorite Romanian couple who are on their honey year around Asia. They shared how for the past 5 weeks, they have been traveling economically-friendly through couch surfing.

They connected with some couch surfers in Singapore and I was fascinated meeting Romain. Romain is passionate about free falling out of building and towers; he lives to jump and recently quit his job to free fall around Asia.

We all ended up in an art exhibition called Open House, where residence of Niven Road came together and opened their homes to visitors to see exhibitions of both regional artists and their own private collection.

Open House, was inspired by Oliver when he decided his house was too big for him, it was even more interesting that although he had lived on the same block for two years, he never got to know his neighbors.

This brought me back to the thinking about the art of being a human, has our lives become so busy that we can’t even meet the people next door? What about the people who we live with, do we know them?

During the exhibition we met an artist called Patrick who after a decade of working in Holly wood decided to move and live in the mountains in Colorado with his dog.

He was overwhelmed by the egos and hypocrisy and ended up spending eight years in a shack in the mountains.

Reflecting on this weekend I wonder how many people have the guts to take that jump? Whether its going after a dream or taking the time to be human.

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