Help me find my path

I have a special ability of always getting lost; many time it’s been eye opening experience to discover new places and meet new people. Several weeks ago while lost at the Botantical Gardens. I met a man who helped me find my path and shared with me the shock and struggle of getting cancer three months ago. For him, the cancer took him so off guard he still didnt know how he felt about it.

Recently one of my favorite Aunt’s had a relapse of cancer and as it had already affected her once. She was more open to understanding the experience and instead said that “I am not ready to die, I just found God and I want to thank him for the wonderful life he has given me.”

As this man helped me find my path, I have always wanted to help others achieve their goals and overcome their struggles. I am very excited to be on my way of doing that through starting my certification in coaching through the International Coach Federation.

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