When I first moved to Egypt, my mom pointed at the sky telling me “birds of a flock, fly together”. She said that the reason why in Egypt they flew chaotically was because they replicated the lack of harmony in this society.

With recent turmoils taking place in Egypt and the historic changes of 2011 Revolution. My brief trip home, gave me a glimpse of the impression of the people; who were scared, unsure and unsettled of what’s happening next.

I had the opportunity to take part of the second revolution that took place on May 27th and although nothing like the weeks that happened in February, it was good to feel that I could be part of something.

The day before I was leaving, I saw a flock of birds fly together. I smiled, thinking that situations can change. If the birds were together, the energy that Egypt is giving nature is positive and harmonious and it gave me a little hope.

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