We can not change the past, the present and the future however is in our hands. When I was growing up my mother drilled into us a story of being grateful.

We were in the car on the way to school when my little brother wasn’t looking at the cars around and complaining because he wanted us to have a bigger and better car.

My mother one day looked at him and said, instead of looking up at the better car you would like to have. Have you considered looking and things below this car?

The driver beside us, who has a car that doesn’t have air-conditioning and in the midst of the heat of summer of the 40 degree heat waves of summer, and looks at cars that does.

This driver never looks at the person beside him, who has a motorbike where he gets catch up in the dirt, mud, and rain. All he wants is to one day own a car that will give him shelter.

The motorcyclists never looks at the guy who is on a bike, who in the midst of getting around sometimes wishes he could have a motorbike so he could be there fast.

The cyclist never looks at the person walking, and sometimes has to run to where they need to be because he doesnt have a faster means of transports.

The walker never looks at the person who is in a wheel chair who doesnt have the limbs to walk.

The person in the wheel chair never looks at the people who lie on their beds hoping to one day have the mobility to move around.

Everything is relative, we have so much to be grateful for. What are you grateful for?

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