“Seeing ourselves through someone elses eyes is backed by light while seeing ourselves through mirror is backed by darkness” – Prof Shems Friedlander

The scariest person to deal with is ourselves. We are our greatest enemies because we put really high standards than we expect from other people. In many incidences we are not even aware of it; recently I realized that I was holding myself back because I was afraid of failing.

I was reminded that nothing will ever be rolled out perfectly and its an evolving process for change. I hope next time you are hard on yourself or holding yourself back; take a step back and ask yourself what good will come out of trying.

Focusing on the “what if…?” could bring:
– Growth: Learning something new, gained a new skills
– Appreciation: Build relationship with people you work with
– Develop: From the experience a better idea could develop

Take the time, spend time with yourself: Reflect and write things down and you will be surprised to discover some amazing things which at first seemed really hard.

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