Its wonderful when you realize, that once something ends, its often really just the beginning! At the end of the semeseter this epipheny often hits me, but its never been as powerful as this year!

This is most likely because most of my friends have already began their professional careers, and it seems odd still having to go through the hustle and bustle of hectic finals week in university. Papers, more papers, projects, and those subjective exams which assess our performance.

Although it may be the end of one element, it opens up other realms of many! Many peoplw are off to spend adventurous summers away, while others come back home, and now as we age there is a new epidemic of ring exchanging is occuring.

Last weekend, I got to attend two of my oldest friends engagement ceremony, and at both occassions I felt uncomfortable at first, because it hit me, its been five years since high school.

This five years has changed who we have become, but our roots are still the same, just like our tree which is growing strong since the day we planted it. It was indescribable feeling of not so much getting old, but realizing that its a new phase of my our life.

It also hit me, that this is a point of our lives where we make decisions about where we are going, and who will partner with us throughout this struggle of life.

In the heartfelt words of K’naan “I know struggle, and struggle knows me, my life owes me, like an overdose I’m slowly, drifting in the arms of trouble, then trouble holds me, and nothing else’s close to me, more than pain unfortunately, like a self fulfilling prophecy, I’m suppose. ”

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