I want to ride my Bicycle: OCBC Cycle 2010

Before the crack of dawn, myself along with 5500 people headed off to the F1 pit to cycle the OCBC Cycle 40km Challenge. Cycling there from home with hundreds of cyclists flooding the streets, I wondered how amazing it would be if there were no more cars and people could only cycle around or take the train.

The night before I had trouble sleeping thinking of how tired, difficult or dangerous it could be with so many cyclists. Even at the F1 pit, one of my colleagues kept on reaffirming my feelings through saying that the whole point is to do it without stopping. I had never tried to cycle 40 km in one shot and then realized the word challenge. If it wasn’t a challenge then it wouldn’t be difficult and I wouldn’t have to push myself out of my comfort zone. When the buzzer went off I thought of the quote “an obstacle is when you lose focus of your goal”. So I cycled cycled cycled enjoying the moment and this new experience.

My new thin tires, made the cycle seem effortless. I completed the journey in 86 mins, I cant wait to do it again next year to finish it in one hour.

Do you let the noise distract you from where you want to be? Focus and persevere.


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