History is being shaped in Egypt and the Middle East and I’m inspired.

During my last trip home in 2009 I left feeling that there was nothing I could do for my country. Hagga, my best friends Nazly’s grandma advised for your own sanity we should all to leave, as there was no hope for Egypt.

But over the past two weeks, as I have watched how the protest has unfolded and grow from thousands to millions I am stupefied by my people and the common vision to create a better Egypt. As I watched the massess tonight, I felt so emotional and wished I had the power to teleport myself there to be part of this historical experience.

As we waited patiently to hear the corrupted Mubarak make his appearance which millions of Egyptian prayed that he would be for him to step down. Unfortunately it disappointed me.

Egypt peaked during the ancient civilization; I believe the time will come again where we will go back to reach the civilization we were meant to be.

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