New Year: Fresh Chapter

A poem I wrote to start the year

“We open a book, the pages are empty,
A new day, a new start, a new year, a fresh beginning,
The sun ray’s but reminds us
We have another chance to be what we want to be
Every day we shall
Not dwell but explore
Not dream but create
Not worry but just have faith
Tomorrow’s lights will make today’s book more great”

This year let’s rise above the little things and create a new beginning. 2009 was a rollercoaster year from starting the year with no blueprints, no destination, and no challenging goals. Looking back, reflecting this year’s experience all I wanted to achieve was to attending a Froggie and Elodie wedding, getting validation of my acceptance in some amazing grad programs and getting a job.

All goals accomplished: although it could have easily been more challenging. But every experience bears a lesson and that in order to achieve success you need to self-plan, self-motivate, self monitor, and self-evaluate.

The commonality is self, in order to achieve greatness you need to be able to navigate where you want to go. May 2010 be a smooth drive to your destination.

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