Well what can i say, time really does fly. It’s already 2006, I still remember the turn of the century so clearly. It was new years eve, and we were planning to go to the party at the pyramids. It was supposed to be the event of the decade. There was alot of speculation with the Y2K and no one was sure what would happen, and if the party would be dangerous to attend.

Last minute my parents got scared and decided that the only party we would be going to is the one with the family in our living room. I remember thinking my world had ended. Amazing that sometimes we truly blow things out of perspective.

I am more aware that actually the only thing of the world will end is the overreactions we go through.

I love the beginning of a new chapter, its like a book where your not so sure what to expect but you just cant wait to read. I love taking the time to draft my resolutions, capture my learnings, select my goals and things that I want to do off my bucket list. Things that seem pretty constant on my list year in year out is that I want to lose weight, but this year I am going to focus on:





I have never thought of the future like that but seeing alot of friends graduate is making me realize that we are all getting closer to being conventional grown.

When I was a kid, I believed I would always be a kid and never grew up. My mother always called me foolish, but i just believed she didnt understand. How funny it is to realize that i didnt understand. But last week, I went to see Peter Pan the play and it reminded me that no matter what happens, I always still want to be able to play.

Its incredible how much my whole life has changed after high school graduation, and how much it will change after university. I feel like I am up to any challenge life can give me. I guess I have been fortunate to have been a go getter all these years, and taken what life has given me.

To the world.. TAKE chances it makes my life just a little bit more interesting, and I guess it might to yours as well!! Cheers to the world, to a wonderful 2006, may all your dreams and wishes come true 🙂

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