After embracing my new outlook of the traveling mindset. I realized that art lingers all around us, last week I watched a symphony and as always it is amazing to see how a composer can create such harmony out of so many instrument, and that made me think about an artist or a chief or a dancer who can create beauty out of nothingness.

Its fascinating how much inspiration lies around us, and that art does not lie just in music, paintings and poetry but the creation of something from nothing, which applies to all aspects of living from work to friendships.

All these elements would not be here, if there was no one to appreciate and acknowledge the people who drive for them.

Within each hobby or profession there is a whole industry and clique who believe their interest is the most important thing to live for. All these areas of focus, is the beginning or a standpoint to the synergy of cultures, traditions and customs which make up our complex world.

Today that thought rose again when I was doing my hair and nails. Every profession is an art of its own… if people embrace it with passion. Question is, what is my area of passion.

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