Power of women

Before writing this post I asked my eighteen year old twins cousin, to define the role of a women, one of them said they are powerful persuaders and the other mentioned that they are their to make him sandwiches. There is no right or wrong answer but it just goes to show there are so many ways that women are portrayed in society.

Women are not only the child rearers of society; they are pillars of social and community development. They are educators, care-takers and enablers for communities to progress. In our overly busy schedules, I am not sure if we celebrate women, other than the International Day for Women or those that are around us on their birthdays.
This week, I took a step back to hear some of their stories at TedxWomen Singapore. I’ll be honest some of them were not the greatest speakers, or some of the topics were even relevant to anything I am even remotely interested in. But they all had a story to tell: from the power of stem cells, a doula’s tale, democratic designer, journey of becoming a mother, and social entrepreneur.
I thought of the women and men who challenged the system and themselves to make the world a better place. Much love and respect, lets change one person at a time starting with ourselves.


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