Should I quit: What will Everyone Else Think?

A team of researchers from University College London and Aarhus University in Denmark may have uncovered some clues to help explain why we care what other people think — and why some people care more than others.

The results are:

“It seems that NOT ONLY are some people more influenced by the opinions of others, but by looking at activity in the brain, we can tell who those people are.” Source Times

So what does this mean!

We live our lives in autopilot and we don’t need to! After my losing my dad, I realized that! If you have had a moment where you have thought “Is this what life is really about?”, “Is there more than what I am doing?”

I believe we deserve to live in a job we love, instead of living WEET, WEET, WEET!

So check out this video:

You need to realize that you are the only person who can please yourself. That’s why you need to shift your thinking from the “But if” to the “What if”

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Have you not done something because you were worried of what everyone else will think? Do share your strategies of how you overcame it!

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