5 Signs That You Are a Resident of Dramaville

5 Signs You are a resident of Dramaville

Have you ever wondered why you just cant get things done?

You have tried to do your to do list, but nothing seems to work?

How would you like to discover why you can’t be productive?

I have spoken several times about Dramaville, a place where 95% of people spend their time that stops them from being productive.

So you’re probably wondering why do people live in Dramaville

Let’s dive into the 5 signs that you are living there!

1. Unaware You Are a Resident: A lot of the time we are unconscious of these thoughts and how they influence our actions.

This has a lot more to do with the brain than you think. The human brain has evolved since we just had our fight vs. flight response. With the development of the neocortex (a part of the brain), we are now able to control how we respond to things.

So instead of realizing we are afraid, we mask it up with excuses, such as “I don’t have enough time”, “It’s not that important”, “It’s impossible”, “I can’t do that”, because our brains allow us to do so.

Think about it -how many times have you said “I can’t” in a sentence? (Remember, “I can’t” can come in various forms)

2. Relocating Towns/Cities/Countries is Hard Work: Ever since we were children we have accumulated fear consistently from our environment, our parents and family. This has influenced our worldview.

These thoughts have become our filters of how we see the world. To shift our worldview and change that perspective is somewhat challenging and that’s why not everyone wants to do it.

Instead you might distract yourself with your phone, email, movies, friends or anything else to avoid creating any meaning out of life because you are afraid of change and the hard work that goes with it.

So perhaps, instead of getting distracted, why not schedule 30 mins to an hour of quality time for you.

3. Acceptance of the Situation: Instead of wanting more, we look around us and don’t believe that this is what it is.

This lack of awareness of the possibility, a lot of the times is because we stay in our comfort zone, so we are not aware of the other options.

Perhaps it means going overseas. It might mean trying a new cuisine, or pitching to a client you know you are not ready for, or applying for a position you are afraid to do.

So perhaps, instead of saying “But if I did that I would fail”, “I would get fired”, “My friends and family would think…” shift to saying “What if I tried”, “What would I learn?”

4. Lack of Self-Belief/ Self Love: Now this does sound cliché, but for good reason too; the bottom line is change your mind, change the world. A lot of times we think that we lack too much, but a lot of it is myth. For example, that high self-confidence is crucial for your business and career.

But in the end we need to learn to love ourselves and believe that we are actually worth it.

5. Trying to Take Big Steps + Give Up Easily: Contrary to popular belief change does not happen overnight, but try to stop living in Dramaville thoughts.

What happens is that you need to re-condition your brain; you need to develop new waves, new circuits that take time.

But although the majority may already know this, they don’t accept it, so they quickly start and just as quickly give up.

Instead you can start by doing small things like taking part in the 14 Day Fear Challenge and start to make some shifts that can push for quantum leaps.

6. Lack of Support: Going through a transition/change or wanting to better yourself is hard work. The number one reason why people fail is because they do it alone.

Joining a community where people don’t judge, accept and love you is one of the best ways to help you through embracing your fear.

You can either reach out and create your own or join in our Earn 5K program or apply to join our high-level Empire Mastermind or one of our Fearless Retreats.

You — and only you — are in charge of your destiny.

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