Spend Nothing Game

I just Stumbled Upon a website which has a challenge on how long can you go without spending any money. I loved the idea as it reminded me of the elements of fasting , except that it focuses on tackling on training our mind on focusing not just what we want, but what we need.

The rules are:

Here are some exceptions:

– Any fixed expense, such as rent/mortgage, utilities, etc or fixed monthly expense can be exempted from this game. You can start working on these when you master this first level.
-You may exempt up to $50 per person in you household for weekly food. This includes ALL consumables, including coffee, sodas, alcohol, gum and candy – anything you might eat, drink or consume in any way.
-You may exclude transportation costs, but only for those things related to earning a living or for maintaining your life and health.

Which leaves the items that do count:

-Any food or beverages outside of your home or exceeding the $50 per person weekly allowance.
-Any item purchased that is not required for your base maintenance of life and health. Prescription drugs are exempted, salon and beauty products are not.
Any entertainment purchases or expenses.



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