SSS03: How to Double Your Sales and time through leveraging systems

SSS 03 Natasha VorompiovaAre you feeling overwhelmed with your sales systems?
Are you struggling to serve the clients you already have?
Do you scratch your head and wonder,: “How do my competitors serve so many clients?”
Are you unsure how can you find more time to work on launching and selling new offers?

If you answered YES to any of these questions – you’re going to love this episode of the Sales Success Show. The Sales Success Show brings you business owners who share what they do to grow their grow their business and close more sales.

You will learn about their effective funnels, successful sales processes, and gain insight into their revenue streams. Additionally, they will share their secret sauce that helps them close more sales.

In this episode you are going to discover:

Natasha Vorompiova is a great example of an entrepreneur who went from solving her own problem of constantly being overwhelmed to now helping hundreds of other entrepreneurs through developing their systems. Honing into her zone of genius has helped her transition her business model from working with individual clients to launching her lucrative digital program.


SSS 03 Natasha Vorompiova Photo OnlyNatasha is the founder of SystemsRock, Certified Quiet Power Strategy Coach, and creator of Systematic Success.

Her clients are small business owners with passion and a desire for freedom, but quickly find themselves stuck and buried in day-today operations.

Natasha’s genius is in creating systems that ensure clients get more done in less time and pave the way for greater profits and long-term success.

What inspires me about Natasha is her ability to get business owners excited about systems. I took her course, Systematic Success, last year and while I am systematic I learned so much from her program..

As you already heard on the show in our first episode with Natalie MacNeil recommends Asana, and guess what? Natasha recommends this with her systems as well. In fact, this is her favorite tool and it’s helped her hit the million dollar mark in her business.



Main Core offering:

  • Systematic Success
  • Time Factory (Membership Factory)



{Remember: If you want to hit your first 6 figures you typically need 2-3 revenue streams. If you want to build a million dollar empire – you typically need 7 revenue streams!!

PS: You don’t create all these streams at once, you slowly add one revenue stream as you build your business. }


SSS 03 Natasha Vorompiova Sales Funnel


  • Size of my email list
  • Number of introductions/referrals
  • Conversion of sales page/landing page
  • Webinars:
    • How many registered?
    • How many attend the live webinar?
    • How many do I convert on a live webinar?


  • The three common fears business owners have when it comes to getting started with systems and leveraging their time with systems.
  • Systems are routines. They create habits that help you leverage time. And time is money!
  • A hard look at your to-do list. (Is it actually realistic?)
  • Systems don’t last forever, and you need to adapt.
  • You can’t blindly follow another person’s systems. You must tweak the systems for your needs.
  • The admin work is your fuel to building your empire.
  • And lastly, why being a solopreneur is a myth.

Natasha’s TOOKLIT:

Favorite Book:Better Than Before: What I Learned About Making and Breaking Habits–to Sleep More, Quit Sugar, Procrastinate Less, and Generally Build a Happier Life

Favorite Business Tool: Asana

Natasha’s Sales Wisdom: “Don’t take rejection personally, learn from what doesn’t work and just tweak it. Sales don’t happen, we do something to make those sales.”

Other Resources Discussed:

Know your numbers: Use my free tool the Profit Calculator

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success


To help you I have put together my FREE 10-day sales confidence challenge


Thanks so much for joining me again this week. You are the reason why I thrive to put together the Sales Success Show.

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Special thanks to Natasha for joining me this week. Until next time!

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