I was so excited and ready to embark on a trip of a lifetime – the land of cheese, chocolate and cows! As many highly anticipated trips start, this one was not much different. First, I mixed up the dates of my trip and discovered I was leaving a day earlier than planned! So off I went in a flurry, paying up my bills and taking care of my mother’s endless lists of tasks!

Finally the day to depart arrives and Mai drove me to the airport. The fun of things going wrong got even more hectic as Mai realized she didn’t have her wallet on the way to the airport! A rush back home to get her wallet and I almost missed my flight!

From the play, the route to Budapest was gorgeous below! This is definitely a place to add to my bucket list as a place to visit! All the rushing around before my flight exhausted me and I fell asleep in front of the gate, again almost missing my flight. Apparently as they called my name out, no one in the area thought to wake a sleeping girl!

I was starting to have doubts if Switzerland and I would ever meet! However, my trip got better with a personal chauffeur in a private bus to the plane!

Sight Seeing Zurich NO: Showered by rain YES

I love flying over green fields, forest and trees! It was unbelievably beautiful, breathtaking. The forest reminded me of all kinds of berries! Gooseberries, raspberries and wild strawberries! I even love acting the part of a stupid tourist! Everything is not just in German but Swiss German!

On the train ride at the airport, I was surprised at the large number of veiled women! Even more surprising were the amount of bicycles everywhere! You can borrow them at NO COST!!

On the other hand though, you’ll find that everything is in Francs and everything is so expensive! Even going to the bathroom, which a company, McClean is owner of all public bathrooms. They charge 2 Francs for use of their facilities! This was the most expensive poo I have ever had!

Sky diving was on my list of want after reviewing my trip budget.

Finally I had arrived! After all the rushing before even leaving home, almost missing my flight, finally I had arrived! To get to Braunwald, I had to take a televick ride up. Confusion mounted quickly for me since no one spoke English. I was saved by a Taiwanese gentleman I met, Chao, that was in my course also. Such a help! The participants in this course are from countries I have never heard of, it was great! We each started singing songs from our countries!

It was such shock to realize there I was … in the gorgeous Alps that I had only read about!

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