The Beauty of Traditions: Tai Chi

During my last cycling trip to Mersing, we woke up before dawn to watch the cloudy sunrise. As we were cycling back to the hotel, I was fortunate enough to see a group of older Chinese people participating in a morning Tai Chi practice.

Other than the famous watermelon story, and being aware of what chi means, I never had the opportunity to experience the marvel and ingeniousness of this traditional art.

As I experienced the Tai Chi session, bringing the ‘chi’ or the good energy towards me and releasing the ‘ooo’ away from me, I realized that it is remarkable how doing multiple stretches and focusing on internal peace can help you radiate it. I was also surprised at how stretching could be a tiring process.

The beauty of tradition is that sometimes we may not understand the value of old practices, but we must not let go of beautiful traits that will help support our peaceful journey in this world.

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