Do you want to grow your Business Online?

We all want to grow our businesses, sell more services and products so we can have more money and more freedom. For the process was a little overwhelming at first!

This is my toolkit, jam-packed of the best software, hardware, social media; best platforms to get outsource staff, gadgets, Internet marketing tools and more. If there are anymore tools, you suggest we should add to this list, do drop us an email at <ahref=””>

Buy Domains + Web Hosting


BlueHost – This is a reliable,inexpensive, easy web hosting, some of our members in our community love it because of the easy to use, 1-click automatic WordPress installation, and superb customer service!

Design Solutions


Elegant Themes: fantastic design company where it’s extremely values you for money, it costs only 39 dollars and you have access to over 70 themes you can use. This makes around .50 cent per template.

Themeforests – This was where I bought my first theme for wordpress and have bought since then several things including powerpoint slides.




Canva: This is amazing tool, where you can become a designer in a matter of 5 seconds, most of it is for free, except if you buy photos from there.


OptimizePress– This is fabulous if you are looking for an easy way to create landing pages, sales pages and membership portals inside WordPress.



Getting Organized : Productivity Tools

Dropbox – is by far my favorite tool, it’s what I use to share everything. It stores and allows you to share large files, sync your files with many computers and mobiles. When computer had a water spill in 2011 because of dropbox I was able to continue working. Their free account is great – it gives you up to 2G of space, and allows you to earn up to 6G more through referrals.

Doodle – this is an easy, free tool that lets you schedule meetings and conference calls with people all over the world. You don’t need to register to start using it, if you don’t have an account, Doodle will e-mail you a link to your poll, but, if you lose it, you pretty much lose the poll as well. With an account, you can sign in and see all the polls you’ve created, and even send polls online for free. You can make polls of the “yes or no” or “yes, no, or maybe” varieties, and hide poll results so only you can view them. It also has apps for Facebook, Xing, Outlook, and iGoogle, which can further simplify adding meeting participants.

Evernote – this is an awesome tools to easily copy info from everywhere and you can share notes across devices. The latest version of the Evernote app for Mac iOS and the Web is significant also has reminders.

Google Apps – Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. It’s simple to setup, use and manage, allowing you to work smarter and focus on what really matters. It has awesome tools such as gmail, calender, drive, docs, sheets, and slides.

1Password – when you have your own business there seems to be an endless amount of accounts you have to set up. For social media, web, to payments, the digital clutter can be overwhelming. 1Password allows me to have an ease of mind managing your password on multiple platforms from laptop to mobile. It also givEs me the ease of mine knowing that my passwords are secure.

Boomerang – If you hate email like I do, and hate seeing the build up. This tool is life saving, as you can ‘boomerang’ emails for another date, so you don’t lose track of them, but you can read and action them when it’s really necessary. Check out my post on how to use it.

Build Your Team


Odesk – Instead of hiring a full time staff and increase your fixed cost every month, why not just hire someone virutally. It’s free to sign up and you can post your job and either privately invite people to Desk handles all financial transactions, sending secure payments to contractors across the globe. We use it all the time from getting designers, copywriters, SEO consultants; you name it you can find it.


FreshBooks – This is a free simple online invoicing and bookkeeping.



Fiverr– this is a new site for me, but it’s already been helpful for online promotions. It’s a marketplace where people will do a wide range of actions for you for just $5 USD, including many social media promotions activities.



google-voice-logo copia Google Voice – This service gives you one phone number that you are able to forward to any phone around the world. In addition this service is highly customizable.


skype_logo-150x66 Skype – This is one best service to call friends and clients around the globe. There is a free and a paid version, and like Google Voice the calls are incredible cheap going for as little as 2 cents per minutes.

Google Plus! Google Hangout – This is one best service to call friends and clients around the globe. There is a free and a paid version, and like Google Voice the calls are incredible cheap going for as little as 2 cents per minutes.



Email Marketing


AWeber – This is the leading provider for both building and managing mailing/customer lists. AWeber supports you with promotional marketing, and auto responder newsletter campaigns. This allows to create an opt in button on your website to get customers contacts.


Popup Domination – is a great plugin that helps you quadruple your sign ups to your website and your newsletter. A pop up will appear when a person visits your website. This plugin gives awesome savvy looking vibes and provides you with analytics that will help you with your business, it totally worth the $77 dollars it costs.

Optin Skin – is a great plugin that helps you capture more leads at the end of you blog posts. This is aweosme, because it is the most accurate analytics solution provider as it only measures the people who have scrolled to the end of the article and those who have opt-in, it totally worth the $67 dollars it costs.

Social Media Marketing


Hootsuite – We have been using this tool since we started; it has made it a lot easier to managing social media accounts. It helps us manage our multiple accounts, post on our facebook, twitter and LinkedIn accounts. We get to do keyword searches and find out all the mentions from twitter. It also allows you to add other users of your team on the system. There is a free plan as well that can help you when you get started.

Payment Systems – Sell Your Products + Service Online


Paypal – Its a free service and all you need to do to set up an account is an email. This will allow you to accept payments from many ecommerce providers online. It will also give simple email invoices you can send. You need to be careful with paypal because if you’re going to be doing a lot of traveling, you will need a security key card to prevent your account from being shut down.


E-Junkie – handles all the payment and fulfillment for your ebook, audio, or other information products.

Links up easily with PayPal, Google Checkout,, TrialPay, Clickbank & 2CheckOut to get you paid.


Contract System

quoting proposal software Quote Roller

Quoteroller – handles all proposals and contracts. I have been using this for years and its my favorite tool.

Enjoy this free tool